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A site based strickly on the Warrior books by Erin Hunter. (These Are The Lake Territorys.)
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PostSubject: RULES OF CHARATER MAKEING   Fri Aug 15, 2008 12:37 pm

1. If your desiered rank is a leader you must still use a warrior name as you "name".

2. You must post your charater in a seperate topic than the "charater form"!!!!!!

3. If the clan that you aplyed for has to many members I can't let you in. You can ether wait for an opening in that clan or you can ask for a new one.

4. If you don't care what clan you go in, just put "any" in the "desired clan" place. I will choose a clan that needs you most.

5. If the clan that you want dosn't have a leader yet you will ethier wait for that clan to get a leader or you can go to a new clan.
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