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A site based strickly on the Warrior books by Erin Hunter. (These Are The Lake Territorys.)
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 I Am Going On Holiday!!

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PostSubject: I Am Going On Holiday!!   Sat Jul 25, 2009 8:43 pm

Heyaz people I am going on Holiday on the 30th so please DON'T that is DO NOT powerplay my Cats! Maybe just do posts that don't include them or something that does include them but a little bit later on for the inclueshion. So i am going for 10 days and I will start RPGing as soon as I get back!

Honeystar, Leader Of Thunder Clan (Also Nightpaw Apprentice Of ShadowClan, Gentlepelt Medican Cat Of RiverClan and Shimmerpelt Warrior Of WindClan!)
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I Am Going On Holiday!!
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