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A site based strickly on the Warrior books by Erin Hunter. (These Are The Lake Territorys.)
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 Nightwish goes hunting

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PostSubject: Nightwish goes hunting   Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:30 am

The black shecat padded through the ShadowClan territory. She was hunting for her Clan. A mouse scuttled under some undergrowth. Crouching low, the shecat crept up on her prey. Her ears and tail low, all weight to her haunches, Nightwish leapt on the mouse and caught it between her paws, killing it with a swift bite. She found a tree not long after and sat under it.

Seconds later, she heard a robin calling from above. Nightwish leapt into the tree and bit the robin on the tailfeather but missed and landed on a lower branch of the tree. The bird fluttered away, leaving Nightwish cursing to herself. She decided to climb higher and saw a nest, perhaps it belonged to the robin she scared off. There were no eggs in it though. Her claws scraping on the bark, Nightwish leapt out of the tree and continued her hunt.

By the end of it, she had caught one mouse, two frogs, and one starling. The black shecat, red eyes beaming with pride, padded back to camp carrying all her prey.
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Nightwish goes hunting
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